What is Package Print Photography ?

Most people are familiar with school photo packages e.g. a group photo and a portrait printed at different sizes. This can be applied any time a number of people are to be given the same choices.

Package Photography

  1. Multiple prints of the same photos (group, team, class)

  2. Combined with other photos (portraits, other groups) to make a package at a value price

  3. Different print sizes of the same photo

  4. Order options pre-defined to allow quality at low cost.

  5. Photos options for Cards, Calendars, Bookmarks, Canvas,            Metal, Certificates etc

Package print photography is the low cost way to go when there is

  1. a large number of participants to be photographed with

  2. multiple copies required and/or

  3. multiple media of same photos

  4. for clients, guests, relatives, students, members etc

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